...With A Little Help From My Friends...
December 8 2014

Got a little help from my friend - the ever lovely and super talented Emilie Claire Barlow lent her silky vocals to one of my songs - now it sounds like there's sunshine all over it!! I wrote it with my husband/drummer/horn-player/MD Jim Gillard and jazz guitar great - Ted Quinlan. It'll be on my upcoming album - in the works now!
See That Banner Up There? Here's the story:
November 1 2014

Hey all,

I’m thrilled to introduce a new page to my website – my VOICE-OVER page! The wonderful web designers at Takeover have done a fab job of seamlessly joining it to my site!
A huge shout-out to my friends Hadley Kay, Kim Barr and William McDonald who all helped inspire the banner style and page info. It’s so funny; there was a time when I felt that I had to keep my music career and voice-over career separate from each other. NOW it’s just the opposite, they’re all part and parcel of who I am and what I love to do! I’m going to play around with the playlist, feature spots – old and new for your listening pleasure! Right now you can check out my brand new commercial demo and my animation demo, too. If you’d like to hire me, I’m repped by the great Paul Smith at ETM - 416-413-7800 – in Toronto.

So, go click the banner – what are ya waiting for?
Xo, W
We Are In The Thick Of It!!!
October 4 2014

Ahhhhhhh - nothing beats the thrill of creating something from nothing!!

My new album - my 5th - is now in production, Marvin Dolgay is at the helm, producing - with a fantastic band lineup - Ted Quinlan, Peter Telford, Jim Gillard and Rob Gusevs - & special appearances by all kinds of talented people!

Someone asked me the other day, to describe myself using exactly 5 words and this is what I said: Forever Blossoming Artist Loving Life.


Wendy xo