Welcome to my VO page - Please scroll to read about my coaching and demo production services and then below that, my VO actor info!

i'd love to coach you toward your vo goals, I'd also love to direct & produce your vo demo!

If you're interested in VO classes, one on one or semi-private coaching and/or a new VO demo reel, just pop me an email: wendy@wendylands.com

Workshop info:

Next Talk The Talk Workshop at Big Voice Studios begins Feb. 9th, 2019!! It's really more of a "playshop" than a workshop ; )

voiceover workshop/playshop Toronto

Talk The Talk VO @ Big Voice Studios In Toronto

We always have the best fun at the amazing Big Voice Studios! If you'd like to sign up, contact  me: wendy@wendylands.com

Our Fall '18 Talk The Talk Group!

Our Spring '18 Talk The Talk Group!